30 December 2007

Paths that crossed

Been entertaining a few 'anok sedagher' who stayed over for the past few days. Only tonight i manage to give the signed copy of GUiT to my father (Bak) and what a story i get in return.
Bak knew i went to KT (the whole lot) just to get AG's signature. He kept on asking back then, who is AG? What is he writing about? Is it good? So i told him i would give him a complimentary copy, together with the author's signature.
When he saw the cover of the book, he said "Hey, i know dr annabel teh gallop..". He flipped the pages through, read the intro, saw the signature, "laaaa...... i know wan hulaimi. used to go to his house in london. his wife, zaharah osman, right? so he's the awang goneng you said you want to meet in KT?". Small world. Bak (Ismail Abdullah) was a PhD scholar in photography at Goldsmith's College back then in 1990-94. He once went to AG's & K Teh's house with A Samad Said. On hari raya Bak & Mama (Kak Som) used to go to their house with En Mat Abu, En Mat Daud & wife Kak Mah of East Ham (all expatriates). Perhaps AG & KTeh couldnt recall, due to just a few short acquaintances with them. But the wonderful thing is.... how paths have crossed and the world gets smaller.... as time runs faster.....

Bak's 59th birthday March this year.

28 December 2007

Why Blog?

I receive comments from Resam_Padi and Changgeh on my first ever actual posting. It made me feel good. Sort of give me the energy and spirit to go on blogging. Havent had a clue yet to what the theme or focus is to be on. Anything, perhaps, at this moment. Most of my fotopages entries were on travel and events. Perhaps it will be more towards that.

I also just realised that AG and his colleagues (are around 60?) are 'sama waktu dengang' my Bak. Only that Bak had his schooldays in Semerah, Batu Pahat and only returned to Pasir Panjang, Terengganu in the late 60's (have to counter check this) to teach at SK (or M?) Padang Midin and SM Teknik Terengganu (Jln Lapangan Terbang). Bak is still teaching at UNIMAP Perlis and doesnt have time to blog. If he does have time, i'm sure he will blog, bcoz he loves writing. His book is coming out soon, a totally academic research book, on culture, image, identity (or something like that).

Oh no, i'm writing... gtg, will have more input later.

Monsoon Cuppa

A trip to Cherating (supposed to be) on 25th December turned out to be a lot better than planned. We decided to have an earlier vacation- up to Terengganu on the 24th, just to make it to the Monsoon Cuppa- a meet-the-author-of-GUiT-session at Keda Pok Loh Yunang. Of course, anything as long as Awang Goneng can sign our copy of GUiT. So, here it is...

Congratulations AG, the launch was such a success. It was a great pleasure to be able to meet AG in person, what more to have a photo with him! Not to forget, Kak Teh (AG's wife) and the Pizzaman as well. I am writing this post especially for Kak Teh, as her question never left my mind: "Are you a blogger too?", to which i responded "Err... nope. I photopage..." So Kak Teh, this one is for you. Hope this will be a start for me to blog!

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