28 May 2008

UK Holiday- Part 1

Greetings from Scotland!! Am now in Glasgow. So this is the 'big holiday'!! We took Emirates at midnight on Saturday 24th and arrived Dubai about 3.30am. Transit for 5 hours before boarding next flight at 8am to Birmingham. Alhamdulillah all's well at arrival, greeted by sunny spells with temperature at 15 degrees! We stayed at my sis's place in Birmingham for 2 nights (it rained for the whole day Sunday..), then Monday 26th, began our journey up north. Shop at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet and rest at Travelodge Burton-in-Kendal, near the Lake District. Tuesday 27th, visited Lake District. Beautiful view but 10 degrees is a little cold for spring. Later on at noon, we left for Glasgow, checked-in Travelodge Paisley Rd and had dinner at an Indian Restaurant. Today, will leave for Aberdeen. Will feed on the details later. Check out pictures in my fotopage. Cheers.

18 May 2008

Go Carting in Shah Alam

This morning Kak E joined AROCKV for a go-cart ride in Shah Alam. Though it's an unofficial event, it received a good turn up.

They thought Kak E was just there to take pictures (like usual), but no, this time, Kak E brought a helmet and taking a ride! Not bad for a makcik, huh!
When we arrived at 11.30 am, the place was already booked by another group (our slot has been rescheduled due to early morning downpour - track became wet and we had to wait until it dried), so we went for early lunch nearby while waiting for our turn at 1.30pm.
Wow!! What a marvelous time Kak E had. Got to do it again! Come to think of it, it was a good form of slimming exercise, better than those 'i-shake' machines! After a good adrenalin rush, we had the best Kuay Teow in town- in TTDI Jaya, yumyum...

More Pictures HERE.

Upadate & Charity

Hmmm... been a month since Kak E last blogged. So many things going on (in n out of my head). Been busy with my research for the past month, apart from planning for the 'big holiday', which will be this weekend. Since it's a long weekend this week, so here i am, blogging an update!
So, what got me occupied? Let's see... there was ex-students' dinner, MIL's here for a week, shopping almost everyday (hey, it's only during lunch break! for preparation of the 'big holiday' and MIL's room makeover- a Mum's Day surprise....), birthday party n weddings on weekends, breakfast with AROCKV, and oh yes, we also visited Darul Atiq Shelter in Hulu Selangor last 2 weeks.

It was a pre-visit to discuss with Ustadz Nahar on the upcoming AROCKV Charity Drive event in June and to survey the area (plus info on current occupants). The shelter will accept anything in donations, including food, clothing, even toys. The youngest now is 3 yrs old and there are only 3 of them below 5. Most are poor school children whom are taught there under the tahfiz program. The sheter also housed troubled teens, single parents and also abandoned kids.
The location of the shelter is somewhere in between pekan Rasa and Kuala Kubu, near Pakman's cendol. (yumyum...). The place is so serene, in the midst of greens/hutan. The cluster of houses built are in a livable condition, not as bad as some foster shelters i've seen before.
In my opinion is that their infra is quite acceptable, they only need donations to sustain the occupants there, especially food, clothing, utility bills and medicines. By the way, they only had water and electricity supply fully on all premises since the past 2 years. Before that, only the main house has electricity and water, others use lilin/pelita and water from stream nearby. Currently they are not receiving any fixed funding from any agencies or bodies. So, I would like to take this opportunity to offer anybody who wants to donate cash, you may do so by transfering it directly to Ustaz Nahar's account. Below is a copy of their letter. Many thanks.

More pictures here.

Ustaz Nahar Afandi Bi Ghazali,
Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiyah Darul Atiq,
Batu 3 1/4 Rasa, 44200 Hulu Selangor,
Selangor D. E.


Saya seperti nama di atas mewakili Madrasah Darul Atiq memohon sumbangan ikhlas/ jariah dan wang zakat untuk menampung madrasah kami yang do'if. Kami menjaga anak-anak yatim, ibu tunggal, muallaf dan pelajar-pelajar miskin.

Sumbangan ikhlas/ zakat dari pihak Tuan/ Puan kami akhiri dengan syukran jazilan semoga Allah membalas segala kebajikan yang telah Tuan/ Puan berikan.

Sumbangan ikhlas/ zakat dari pihak Tuan/ Puan boleh dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Maybank 1620 7652 1382 atau CIMB 1256 0000 791 528 di atas nama Ustaz Nahar Afandi Bin Ghazali.


Yang menjalankan amanah Allah,

(Ustaz Nahar Afandi Bi Ghazali)
b/p: Ustaz Ghazali Hasbullah,
Ketua, Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiyah Darul Atiq Rasa.