12 April 2008

Alfa Photoshoot at Taman Perdana Putra, Putrajaya.

Got hold of a Nikon D80 today. Wow... wish it was mine!! It'll be a dream come true.... Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to go out and do a photo-shoot.

We agreed on one subject matter- test it out on our Alfa 164 Super and 146 Boxer. Who knows this amateur may one day do free lance for Top Gear or Autocar!! Location: Taman Perdana Putra, Putrajaya- the first place that crossed my mind that has some greens for background....

As usual, more photos in My Fotopages....

P.S., Yang, my birthday's coming (*hint*hint*)....

08 April 2008

AROCKV Grand Tour 2008: Day 2

Day 2. After breakfast, we went to Losong for some keropok lekor. Yumyum... but i know Losong's keropok lekors are now not as good as they used to be back then. Too commercialised, perhaps due to its fame! But time was limited, so Losong was the nearest to best choice we had. I saw there was more sago than fish, but still, they taste better than those in KL....
We then head for Taman Tamadun Islam at Pulau Wan Man, but did not visit the miniature mosques exhibit nor enter the Crystal Mosque.

More of a look around visit... well, it suddenly rained in the hot afternoon!

We then rushed to Pasar Payang, did some quick shopping, then rushed back to the hotel to check out (and a quick shower). At 1.30pm, it's bye-bye to Batu Burok. Stopped for lunch at Marang....

ooohh... fascinating view towards Pulau Kapas...

Then the convoy's back to some serious driving....

till Kuantan layby, where we bid farewell to those heading for Johor.

The sun's setting when we continued our journey to KL.

Final stop was at Genting Sempah for solat and dinner. After saying goodbye to AROCKV members, all head for home around 10pm and for us, it got really quiet in the car.... zzzzzzzzzzz........ (except for the driver, of course!)

More pictures here!

07 April 2008

AROCKV Grand Tour 2008: Day 1

What a tiring but exciting weekend! This was the most brief visit we ever made to Kuala Terengganu, 2 days, 1 night, and most hours on the road... Alfa Romeo Owners' Club Klang Valley (AROCKV) had organised many tours, but this year's tour to Kuala Terengganu received most responses, more than 30 Alfas participated.
This is the 2nd (AROCKV-organised) tour that we participated in, after the Anniversary Tour to Mersing in November 2007. We (me, hubby n ammar) went with our (new) 164 Super. We got the car the night before, so it's our first attempt to test it (that's why i wasn't allowed to conquer the driver's seat yet). The girls didnt follow us, they had school sports day (they're minded by my sister).

Our first meeting point was at Genting Sempah. Saturday 5th April, 7am. Very cool and foggy morning. It took us quite a while to gather about 20 cars.
We made our move after breakfast, nearly 9am.
While enjoying the power of our cars, we tried (at our best) not to violate traffic rules and regulations.... including keeping to (our) speed limits and not overtaking at double lines...
Next stop is at Gambang R&R. We had our nescafe tarik. Ammar had his bath.

We proceed ahead to meet the Johor group at Kuantan layby and later had lunch at Cherating.
After a few stops waiting for cars to keep up with the convoy, we finally reached Batu Burok Beach Resort around 5pm. Drivers took their break in the rooms while wives attend kids at the pool.
Buffet dinner at was at 8.30pm, where i found ikang kembong celup tepong cicoh air lada and pucuk jambu golok cicoh budu. Yumyum... The young ones (and old young ones) had karaoke after dinner, but we (old ones..) decided to taste the new city air and view its fascinating lights (this is our first visit since KT was declared a city). That night i dreamed eating the best keropok lekor ever, those with more fish, not more sago, like what we have here in KL. Mmmmarvelous....
More pictures here.

01 April 2008

12 Years of Marriage

Kak E n hubby celebrated our 12th anniversary last weekend, 30th March. No gifts this year, but we spent some time to ourselves, leaving kids at home! The eve of the anniversary, we went round n round vertically, in the Eye on Malaysia... it was nearly midnight but there were many people around, including small children with their families, enjoying the night view and playing in the park (something they couldnt do in the heat of daytime in Malaysia!).

Then, for anniversary lunch, the following day, we went round and round horizontally in Restoran Seri Angkasa, KL Tower!
The entrance.
Oh, yes... a little advise for those dining here: "Dress code is important, unless, you want to be wrapped in kain pelikat (should you come here in shorts)..." I'm sorry, but Kak E couldn't help giggling seeing the guy at the back, who began his appetizer in full-length pelikat but ended up in knee-length kilt by time for dessert....
The view was awsome, though a bit hazy that day. They say its better at night, if you love city lights!
That afternoon, after so much food and turning around, we went home and Kak E got sick....
More pictures here.